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On Your Wellness Journey

Dr. Phillip Zinni, III
Dr. Phillip Zinni, III shares valuable insights to empower you on your wellness journey.

Dr. Zinni


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Dr. Zinni was in corporate medicine for nearly 12 years, as the Medical Director for Caesar’s Entertainment and previously as the Medical Director of E&J Gallo Winery. He developed a comprehensive practice integrating Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Behavior Health and Clinical Services for both the world’s largest, gaming and casino corporation, and winery. These experiences have taught him the value of individualized, personal and executive healthcare, while managing a multimillion-dollar budget.

Dr. Zinni has been an advisory, contributing and editorial board member for publications pertaining to physical examination in orthopedic and sports medicine. He has been interviewed by the media on the topics of the implementation of The Industrial Athlete sports medicine model and Primary Care On-Site clinic at Qualcomm and Caesars Entertainment, political climate of medicine and nutrition. Additionally, he has spoken locally to internationally on topics from Regenerative Interventional Orthopedic Medicine to MSK Pain Management as well as Functional Integrative Therapeutic Medicine (FIT).


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