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Saxy Butler


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Saxy Butler is known as the Educator (MBA) and if you pay attention she will teach you something new. Also known for her fun and fearless personality, as an online and media persona. Saxy provides tools, tips, and resources for your personal and business developments. As the founder and CEO of TSB Media & Business Solutions, a solutions firm for business funding and growth. All services provides solutions that will increase and elevate you business to the next level.

Ms. Butler is a 25-year veteran in the International business, financing, solution marketing, entertainment media, and medical care industry. Saxy is becoming a phenomenal international appeal in the entertainment media industry, and making a profitable statement with her brand in business consulting. Appearing online as a network News Correspondent and branding herself a the Business, Lifestyle and Self Health Educator. Expert appearance on NBC, ABC, iHeart Radio, Public Health Radio, and several other mainstream media platform.

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