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T BIZZLE born on the south side of Chicago in the Roseland community back then the community was a vibrant family type area where neighbors helped each other find jobs block parties was a thing on the weekends especially with the parades on Saturday for the basketball and football games at Gately park Stadium T Bizzle raised by strict grandparents Ada & Harry Johnson who wanted to make sure their 1st grandchild was protected from harm.
T BIZZLE knew at a young age she enjoyed making people laugh it gave her an adrenaline rush only she could understand.

After college I thought I wanted to sing but couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but it always came back to people enjoying their self with T Bizzle it was after having children T Bizzle decided to hit the stage . At the age of 55 I decided to face my fear and let the world know I am a lesbian with laughs and it’s time to live my life out loud!

Right now T BIZZLE is a TikTok influencer and she has her own podcast Buzzin BIZZLE which will be on YouTube and Streamyard in March 2024.

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