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The Protests

My plan today and tomorrow was to stay in my apartment. Do nothing but rest and get some things done. I work three jobs every day and do other little tasks for others in my life. I needed the rest. Give my body a chance to relax and not be stressed out. The only person I would today see is a man who wants to give me a massage. Since that's not going happen: food, wine and movies were my weekend plan. That's a single life. Please note: Not by choice.

As I am sitting on my sofa, thinking about what to have for dinner, my Aunt calls. We chit chatted for a bit a, and during the conversation, I told her about Stella Rosa Green Apple wine and how good it is. She decided to go and pick up a bottle, pick me up a bottle, and pick up dinner for me as well. She calls me a few minutes later and says that there is a protest on 79th and Pulaski. Since these protests have started, I have not been able to participate or get photos for Just Me Magazine because I am always working.

Well, here's my chance. I get up and take off the relaxing clothes, put on street relax clothes, grab my camera, grab my keys, and out the door within minutes. I did not want to miss this one. Just as I was coming down Pulaski, the protesters were coming up, along with a dozen cop cars. I parked my car and started snapping pictures.

A small group, but productive and active, saying his name, "George Floyd." They were shouting and demanding justice and fairness. The police were following or driving beside them; I guess to keep order. But the way I see it, the order was destroyed not only by George Floyd's murder but also by many others before him.

As I was taking my photos to post on Facebook, a Brother, a cop, stated to me, "This is how a protest is supposed to be. No violence or looting." I inhaled, then exhaled and said to him, "I understand it though, over 400 years of oppression, people are tired, and some are just opening their eyes to what, I can only hope you should already know, the struggle we continue to go through as a race." He walks away. Damn. Maybe he was trying to flirt, and I just "F" this up. But again, he stated his truth, and I needed to say mine.

The protesters continued south on Pulaski. I planned to follow them, but when I came out of the restaurant with my food, they were long gone, and I needed to get to Binny's before they closed for more wine, and stop by Jewels to get me some flowers that give me solace.

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