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Shocking Health Surprise

Happy New Year!!!

Let me tell you how my year ended and how it began.

I brought in 2022 at the hospital. I had just finished working (delivering food). My battery on my phone died, so I decided to go home and charge my phone. For some reason, my car charger is not strong enough to charge my phone, or it could be, it cost me a dollar. I stopped by Best Buy and picked up an adapter to play my turntable through my soundbar, which didn't work. I talked to my best friend all the way home. We made plans to watch Terrell from Chicago, ABC News dance number, and bring in the new year together via phone.

Well, I get home; I put the steak and garlic bread in the refrigerator and Gloria's Marguerita mix in the freezer that I bought earlier in the day. I'm planning a good time. I walk over to the turntable to start setting the sound to play my old albums. I started feeling lightheaded, so I sat down on my sofa. The room started moving in waves, and I felt nauseated. I sat for a few minutes, then immediately ran to the bathroom while falling into the walls. My apartment was spinning out of control. I had only had coffee, water, grapes, Mentos, and salted pretzels for the day. Now thinking about it, not a good combination.

Fumbling back to my living room, I laid down on my sofa and thought everything would be okay if I just laid down for a while. Then it hit me. I need to call someone, just in case something happens. My phone was on the other end of my sofa, but it seemed miles away. But I fought my way through the spinning apartment and got my phone, and hit any name that came up, which was my sister. She was actually on the phone with the family and merged me into the call so we could all chat, as we usually do. When I spoke, she and the family immediately knew something was wrong.

My sister called the ambulance and stayed with me on the phone until they came. They immediately placed me on the gurney and taxied me to Christ Hospital. I found out that I am on the path to high blood pressure—a little back story. I get a physical every year and haven't missed one in 20 years. Even though the killer runs through my family like a virus, I have been conscientious about my health. Well, not conscientious enough. And I had time to think about that while waiting in the hospital. We believe we are doing the all right things, but if we sit and think about it, some minor changes can be made for a cleaner life. For me, that's committing to a lifestyle change that includes exercise.

So I am doing that just that for 2022. A cleaner health style, an exercise routine, more meditations, stop worrying about being alone, stop stressing about situations I can't change, more peaceful getaways, less spending, and more saving, less coffee, more water, less tv, more reading. I will need to change my mindset, and I will have to fight for a healthier life and knock by some of those years.

After a couple of days of rest, I am good. I am committing to a complete lifestyle change so I can be here to play with my future grandchildren one day. If you are ready for a clean lifestyle, then take this journey with me, and let's see how it turns out. Let's make this a healthy year.

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