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It's In You

What happens when you have no more to give?

What happens when you just give up?

What happens when you can’t see the future?

And the past is all you see. All you know. Is what defines you.

How can you move on?

Where is the light to guide you back?

Where is the star to brighten your darkness?

The faces are there. But emotionless. No love.

More will come.

That one string of hope not to jump ship.

Learning the past has a definition.

It can change you but not define you.

You have to remove the blinders to see more.

You move on by holding onto the mustard seed.

Turn on each light switch…one at a time.

The diamond is in you and shines brighter than any star.

Stop looking to the faces for approval. Love you for you.

It’s a slow turn about….. but it will come.

It’s in you. It always have been.

You just have to believe.


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