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1st Blog of 2020

Well, this post is late..but I have a very good reason. I have been slammed with a lot of activities. What activities you might ask? Well, I now have two magazines to publish each month, podcast every Sunday, preparing for a new show on YouTube, events and I still work a full-time job. (Notice I didn't mention a man) Oh, yeah..I drive for Grubhub too. But, I can't tell you how excited I am about this year. So, far it's going the way, I manifested..and that man will be coming soon.

Let's start with the magazine..magazines. I have published two so far this year, and each one is awesome. I am so excited and proud of how much the magazine has grown. How much I have grown with it. I started with a website on Vistaprint and one dedicated writer, who is still with me..and if I haven't said, “I love you very much for being in my corner all this time”. Just Me Magazine has over 7500 Followers, in the February issue I completed 36 pages of the magazine, and I have plans to take the magazine to the next level. The getting paid level. I started ALLOFUS Magazine in January, and it's debut was very promising, and continues to do so. I have received over 200 emails from people asking to write for ALLOFUS. My heart is happy.

One of the things I promised myself this year, is to be more present in the public. I want to grow my brand or brands. To do this, I need to do videos (live or pre-recorded) to get my brand more noticeable. Most people will not believe it, but I am such an introvert. I love the company, but I can be shy and nervous striking up a conversation. Not all the time, but sometimes. However, this year I decided to commit to doing more videos and doing my podcast on a weekly basis. I figured this will get me out of my shyness and be more bold. I will need to be if I want this brand to grow and prosper. One of the things I am including in breaking out of my shell, is a new show called, “Pieces of Alice & Friends”. I have gathered some friends, to something like a variety show. I have been busy writing scripts and recuiting a talented artists to bring you top-notched entertainment.

My goal this year is to get my brand noticed, and I have realized that I will not be able to do it alone. I will be bringing on people who believe in me and my brand and take this to the next level. The getting paid level.

So, as you can read..I am going to be very busy this year. But, I look forward to all the goodness that will happen..and that man? Well, let's say he is in my heart, mind and soul. He will manifest very soon. I feel it. I just have to be patience, and wait. Until then, work on my business and take vacations to relax. Actually, because I travel a lot, I was offered a great discount to Westin Villas Cancun Lagunamar. This place is absolutely beautiful. I will be vacationing there this year with man friend or one of my girls. The offer is for two only. Sad. Sad, only because I could have invited a few people for a good time. But two can definitely be fun too.

Well, let me go. I have so much to do and I want you to follow all that I am doing. Hit up my Social Media pages. I don't want you to miss not one exciting moment of my terrific life!


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