About Me

I am Alice Boswell, entrepreneur, activist and actress. I created and have ran for the last seven years a digital magazine, Just Me Magazine, www.justmemagazine.com. A magazine created to give small business owners a way to advertise without the high cost associated with advertising.

I host a podcast, Pieces of Alice a show where I share pieces of my life and letting others know that everyday you wake up, is a chance for you do whatever it is you dream of. It will take work, but you are never too old or too young make your dream come true.

I am a advocate of the Black Community. With the media, I want to show the world that we are more than what is portrayed in the main stream media. I have created Stand-Up Community, where a panel of black business owners discuss what can be done in our community and the future of generation. I have had two panel discussions, and the next event is scheduled 09/29/19 in Chicago, IL, bit.ly/TheSistersSpeak.

And lastly, I am an actress. I have acted mostly on stage, but I do have one film credit and currently working on another.

I have started this journey at the age of 45, I am now 53. So you see, you...we can do whatever it is we want to do, its never too late, you just have to do it. Find your fire, be true to who you are, and along the way inspire others.

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