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I'm Alice!
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Welcome to my site, here's a little about me...

I was born Alice Y. Marshall and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, dividing my growth time between the west and south sides of the Windy City,where I never quite fit in with either districts. I grew up being bullied, molested, raped and beaten. By the time I turned 21, "I been through more shit that you can't even relate ta", What Would You Do-City High. I left high school (dropped out, for those who want to be technical) and opt for a GED because I did not fit there either. I tried college throughout my years but my creative mind always went faster than the class.

I have always been entrepreneur at heart and in reality. From pretending to owning the richest store in the world as a litttle girl to owning small, various business ventures. The few times I have ever felt completely happy is when I am creating. It wasn't until after 40 when I would find what makes me truly happy. Age is just a number and when you finally learn to know yourself, you will begin to live life. I am living living life.

I have owned a property preservation business (with a partner) for eight years; in 2012 I started and currently run an online magazine, Just Me Magazine; Produce and Host two radio radio shows, CGF Entertainment Radio Show, and Pieces of Alice. I am also an actress with two stage plays: To Kill A Mockingbird and Black Girl Magic She Means War, one upcomining stage play February 2019, Adult-ish; and one filmed gig, Broke AF.

I love movies, and music from the 70's to the early 90's. I'm single and comfortable, but can't wait for the love of my life to find me, or I find him. I want to travel and see the world. My two top spots to visit on my bucket list is Africa and Hawaii. Each day I wake up, I try to learn something about my heritage and to continue my education on me.

I am currently writng my first web-series and book. I am so excited that everyday I waske up is a chance for me to never give up on my dream and to live life thto the fullest. I lived the first part of my life in sadness, this part will be simply AMAZING! 


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